Unfortunately most buttercups have now flowered which means that the efficacy of such products is reduced. Overgrazed pastures are much more likely to show heavy infestation in the spring. The time of day when you spray often makes a significant difference to herbicide efficacy. 1 0 obj Add eggs and extracts; mix well. Choosing spray nozzles with wider angles (e.g., 110-degree spray angle) will allow the boom to be placed lower to the vegetative canopy while maintaining the right spray pattern across the spray … I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to control buttercup as it’s a weed I have struggled with in my own pastures. For best results, spray unwanted weeds until thoroughly wetted.-+ Pairs Nicely With. Giant buttercup is not as common as creeping buttercup but is the most aggressive of the buttercups found in New Zealand. We bought a property next door to the home farm and all it grew was buttercup. Envy, from Dow AgroSciences was launched last spring. %PDF-1.5 ... Buttercups are best controlled by MCPA or 2, 4-D or Lupo. Crops Affected: This is a test: Pest Comments <