The girls use an “If These Walls Could Taco” spell to watch what happened the day the OC's prepared the Can't Recall Caramel and try to figure out why Chuck disappeared. Kelly and Darbie conclude that Chuck must have put Rose into the book as well. Darbie explains that she was watching out for Hannah since Leah made Hannah cry. She finds a photo with a caption at the back listing RJ, Noelle and Arthur. After discovering the culprit is a mysterious past protector from the 90s, Mama P’s spice cabinet is destroyed and one by one, everyone's memories of magic are being erased. Furthermore, they discover that Kelly's odd neighbor Ms. Silvers also has a connection to magic. "[3], A followup series, Just Add Magic: Mystery City, was released on January 17, 2020. As Jake, Chuck learns the plans to further stop him and has access to the magic spices. On January 4, 2018, a trailer was released announcing more episodes,[6] which premiered on Amazon on January 19, 2018, as an extension of the second season. Au Québec, elle est diffusée … Just Add Magic ou La Magie en plus au Québec, est une série télévisée jeunesse américaine développée par Joanna Lewis et Kristine Songco, basée sur le livre du même nom de Cindy Callaghan, produite par Amazon Studios et diffusée du 15 janvier 2015 au 25 octobre 2019 sur Amazon Video.. It is revealed that Charles Peizer and his sister Rose Peizer were once the protectors of the cookbook. Weeds begin growing all over town. November 18, 2019. 5 out of 5 stars (266) 266 reviews $ 62.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add … Olivia Sanabia as Kelly Quinn: New protector of the Cookbook. Leo is very interested in superhero and art. Just Add Magic, Fantasy series sulle avventure di Kelly e le sue migliori amiche, Darbie e Hannah che trovano il vecchio libro di ricette della nonna di Kelly nel solaio e scoprono qualcosa che va ben oltre delle ordinarie ricette. When Piper finds the morbium in the trailer, Kelly spells her to forget magic. Three friends cook up spells to unlock the secrets … They didn't care that the main characters were girls. After Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie free the town of Mama P's curse and also break Grandma Quinn, and Ms. Silvers' Zoe, Ish and Leo become the new protectors of the book. She is disappointed in her granddaughter. They agree to cook the last spell in the book which involves burning their book with magical lollipops. She is the first to discover it's power out of the new trio. Jake and Gina ask a blonde girl that is working with Kelly at Mama P's if she remembers how they met. While under the spell, Kelly "fixes" the book by connecting the symbols, which turn out to be spelling "8529." Hannah and Darbie arrive at Kelly's house, with moldy food in their hands, too. Subtitles. Hannah uses the spell to spy on Leah who has been cyberbullying her. Just Add Magic. Mama P eats the actual last bite, and the entire town freezes in place except for the girls, Mama P, and Ms. Silvers. The Wesson brothers grew power-hungry, and created a magical sourdough starter that would help them get large quantities of gold, but the downside of the spell was that it caused mass destruction. With the help of Piper, the girls cook up a recipe that gives Gina back her memory of magic. Chuck puts a spell on Hannah and tries to swap her for Rose, but Kelly and Darbie save her, and in the process, break Chuck's Immortality Spell, also breaking Rose's and frees her from the book. She is Zoe and Leo's neighbor. Watch on supported devices. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Towards the end, with the help of Kelly, Darbie and Hannah, the trio becomes successful in saving the world from all the destruction that could have been caused, and the magic leaves the book, and gets distributed throughout. When Kelly discovers an old recipe book in her attic she's beyond excited. Kelly, Hannah and Darbie figure out that Caroline's spell is triggered when someone says the word "magic." They come up with a plan to cook the Pick-A-Date Dates spell to travel back to the past halloween and get the grunde root from Ms. Silvers' garden. That evening, Becky meets the girls in their trailer... her memory of magic has been erased. Jake and Hannah free Darbie, and mix a magic protection protein shake. So much better than what we find on Disney or Nick nowadays. One of the items they return is a silver charm bracelet to Ms. Silvers, who says that it has been missing for many years. "[11] Giving the first season 4/5 stars, Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media noted that, [t]his enjoyable drama series has many good qualities, from a solid trio of friends in the forefront to how carefully the story respects multigenerational family units and traditions. Kelly [the main character] is the product of a loving home and loyal friends, and both influences guide her decisions. Was this review helpful to you? As boys I wasn't sure they would like it but they wanted to give it a shot and we are all so glad for it. Kelly and Hannah decide to cook without Darbie, and invite Piper over. Just as they were about to discover something, the tape gets stuck in the VCR. Erin has the memory-removing drink and threatens to take away Ida's magic memory, which she ultimately does. She also finds a note from 1970's Becky saying that she won't apologize for what she did to Gina. While there they face their fears, and then meet The Traveler, who tells them that magic can heal Kelly's grandmother if they are willing to pay the price. They land on an Extract the Magic Mac&Cheese, hoping that it will extract the memory curse put on her. She meets Ms. Silvers and they discuss Mama P's plans. At the Pluot Festival, Kelly refuses to drink the shake and pours it out. Kelly is back to normal, but now Terri has caught the competitive do-whatever-it-takes attitude. When a projection of Rose's drawing says, "Help me," the girls realize that Rose is an actual girl stuck in the book. She decides to trick Hannah and Darbie into cooking the spell to keep the book forever by lying to them that it would unmask the Night Bandit. This page will be updated as soon as Just Add Magic is cancelled or renewed. Cindy Callaghan is the author of the middle grade novels Lost in London, Lost in Paris, Lost in Rome, Lost in Ireland (formerly titled Lucky Me), Lost in Hollywood, the award-winning Sydney Mackenzie Knocks ’Em Dead, Just Add Magic (which is now a breakout streaming original series), and its sequel Potion Problems.She lives in … Ida is on an island, on vacation. The next morning, Hannah and Darbie cook a spell to show Kelly the truth. Hannah and Ms. Silvers become suspicious and confront Darbie about it. Hannah admits to her friends that she had been invited to Charlotte's party last year without them. Darbie doesn't fare well either: She forgets it's picture day, fails a test, and gets detention. They're unable to cook a counter spell because Caroline has already destroyed Mama P's spices. She does well in her interview, and is offered the job. After Kelly falls asleep, they use the spell to get into Kelly's mind. Later, the girls discover the cookbook and spices are missing from Kelly's backpack. She cooks a spell to help Darbie spend quality time with her father but it causes everyone else to avoid them and even Amy to break up with Darbie's father. To end the party, Kelly cooks a spell to make it the worst party but she spells herself instead, turning it into a never-ending party. The girls are trying to figure out who cursed RJ to forget about magic. Piper is upset at them for ruining her party and for wasting her time. ALL. Audio Languages (For children ages 6-11) - Kelly Quinn and her two BFF's, Darbie and Hannah, stumble upon her grandmother's mysterious cookbook in the attic and discover some far from ordinary recipes. Gina and Ida warn that once the spell becomes permanent, they would lose Beck forever. While making a cake for Kelly's grandma's (who has a mysterious illness and cannot talk) birthday, the girls make a recipe using an ancient mysterious cookbook they find in the attic of Kelly's house. The girls try to convince Jake that magic is real by trying out three random magical recipes on him, so that he'll help them get the cookbook back. The girls learn that long ago The Traveler gave Mama P, Ms. Silvers, and Grandma each a morbium root seed; morbium makes any recipe a thousand times more powerful. Back in the past, the girls put on halloween costumes to avoid being recognized by their past selves. The man who told Kelly's father that Grandma Becky was under a spell appears on TV, after having won the lottery and having won big at the tracks. In the first season of Lost In Oz, twelve-year-old Dorothy Gale and her trusty dog Toto search for Glinda the Good, in the hope that she can give them the magic they need to send them home ... See full summary », It's summer again, and everyone's favorite Junior Rescuers, The Flounders, are back at Tower 2. She gives her grandmother what she thinks is the last bite of the recipe, but it does nothing. Just as she tastes the spell, an earthquake hits the town, shifting rocks to reveal an old, secret door with the name "Peizer" carved into the wood, in the forest. Darbie takes charge, disseminating the tasks to each of the girls. Meanwhile, Jake goes to Gina to ask for help with getting the girls' memories back. Hannah makes a new friend at lunch. They dig through Gina's trash and Piper finds Gina's notebook for pollinating spices. After spelling the girls, Jill spells herself, turning back into Caroline with no memory of magic. They break into two groups to figure out a spell to stay awake. Grandma tells them that she didn't want Kelly and the girls to be endangered by the book, but The Traveler said that the cookbook was no longer hers to give back, because it belonged to the girls. The girls meet Darbie's friend, Piper, and they introduce her to magic. Mildred lives an ordinary until the day that Maud Spellbody crashes her broomstick into their balcony. Meanwhile, Hannah is covering for Kelly at Mama P's when her teacher, Mr. Morris comes in, leading to awkwardness. Grandma Becky discovers the mysterious, but beautifully carved box, in her store, that was given to the store by someone named Laura P., but the key is missing. The girls go back to their harvest and notice that the night-blooming mint has gone missing. Needing something to break her father trusting Chuck, Kelly looks to a magic spell to spot when someone is lying and asks Hannah to cook. Mama P tells Ms. Silvers that Kelly has "the gift" just like her grandmother did, and Ms. Silvers warns Mama P not to make her curse Kelly the way she cursed Mama P. Grandma, Mama P, and Ms. Silvers all have photos of Chuck Hankins, a boy from when they were young. The recipes have strange names, like "Shut'em Up Shortcake" and "Hazelnut Healing Tart", and require unusual ingredients, such as "Cedronian vanilla" and "Taurian thyme". Hannah and Darbie are disappointed to find out that Kelly ignored their advice to take a break from magic. The box doesn't seem to contain anything important but Hannah figures out that if it's opened using the book-shaped key head, it shows different content inside. Created by Andrew Orenstein. Kelly goes undercover to interview as a waitress at Saphrön and Darbie pretends to be a customer. A magic poetry book. She falls into the secret pantry, but is interrupted by Mama P coming to open up the next morning. Kelly refuses to admit she has a problem, arguing that she only uses magic for good. Kelly is very loyal and takes her role in magic very seriously. Mama P and Ms. Silvers tell the girls that Kelly's grandmother isn't innocent either – that after they cursed each other, she threw the book over a waterfall to get rid of it, in effect making their curses permanent. Leo is Nick's son and Zoe's step-brother. The girls are on edge as they try to figure out who Caroline is and stop her before she hurts anyone else. Later, the book flips open to a recipe that can break any curse, but the negative consequences will make things much worse. James Urbaniak as Pierce Hamilton: The villain of the story who is desperate to beat Zoe, Leo, and Ish in solving the mystery. Hannah and Darbie both eat a truffle and find that telling the truth to each other isn't so bad, although they agree that without Kelly, they probably wouldn't be friends. Willie Thompson, a man the girls helped previously, tells Hannah that Chuck disappeared from a Ferris Wheel. Kelly is equally suspicious that magic must be involved. So, they use the "Memories Mallows" spell to see Rose's memories. After all, we’re practically related. The girls think this underground cellar may be Chuck's hidden spice bunker. Use the HTML below. Sydney Taylor as Lexi Hamilton: Pierce's daughter who is good friends with Ish. Jake and Gina go to Mama P's to ask her if she remembers how the three girls met. Life is anything but normal for Gortimer and his two best friends, Ranger and Mel, as they navigate Normal Street - an ordinary suburb that has a hint of something magical just beneath the surface. She is known for being clumsy and fun. Three friends cook up spells to unlock the secrets and curses that befall their small town. With Ms. Silvers' help, Hannah makes Lemon Lie-m Mints, and though a mint was intended only for Mr. Quinn, Jake and Darbie's father also consume one. A new restaurant opens, The Saphrön, where Darbie, her father, and Amy dine for lunch, but Darbie continues to be unhappy about her father and Amy being together. Kelly starts using magic more than normal such as making her father a better negotiator. Kelly is determined to figure out what the "8529" on the book means. Join Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie as they put their "no magic" summer of … They are able to steal it and discover that Mama P's Morbium Seed was stolen by Chuck. Kelly Quinn and her two BFF's, Darbie and Hannah, stumble upon her grandmother's mysterious cookbook in the attic and discover some far from ordinary recipes. She goes to Mama P's where she notices that Jake is acting different. Becky find an earring in the dirt and discovers that it belongs to Kelly. She apologizes but reveals that she had used a sleepwalking spell to get them to cook the spell. Darby plays basketball and does theater. He brings it to Kelly's house but Kelly throws into a donation pile since she doesn't care about magic anymore. In this spinoff of the successful series JUST ADD MAGIC, we follow the magic cookbook to Bay City as it moves to three new protectors: step-siblings Zoe and Leo, and their upstairs neighbor... See full summary ». . The supermarket. It is a series that, while like Spooksville and Goosebumps, is clearly intended for young adults, it is also one that is interesting enough to entertain … And if you see Michael Connelly, give him my best. They try to get Hannah to open up about the bullying but she doesn't. They throw away the gumdrops but the gumdrops keep coming back, forcing Kelly to eat them. The girls tell her about how she used her morbium to remove the magical ties amongst the OC's when they began cursing each other. Grandma Becky goes to Laura P's house, the woman to sold the ornate box to her store. But what does he want? They help Chuck adjust to modern life, but Kelly loses all of her trust and is suspicious of everything, including Darbie's father's new friend Amy, and Hannah herself. She decides to come back to warn Hannah and Darbie about Kelly. Due to a curse on her, she was unable to perform in public for years. The girls all agree to tell Piper about the magic so that she will forgive Darbie. After RJ refuses to give the book back, Kelly, Hannah and Darbie create a gumdrops spell with a misleading title to trick RJ into giving up the book. Discovering family secrets and mysteries they also quickly realise that magic comes with a hefty price tag. 24 of 29 people found this review helpful. After breaking the bond with the cookbook, it erases only parts of their names in the book, making them realize that Parquinnien is a combination of their last names (. Just Add Magic is an American live-action family television series, loosely based on the book of the same name by Cindy Callaghan. Subtitles. 5 Questions with Cindy … Mama P mentors Kelly's magic cooking skills, while Darbie and Hannah try to get a reclusive author's autograph by cooking a spell that makes her their best friend. Darbie is furious and upset. Terri becomes the Mayor of Saffron Falls. With Chuck Peizer's assistance, Ian Maddox traveled to the future to hide the starter from the Wesson brothers. Grandma Becky, circa 1975, arrives in the girls' kitchen, after eating "A Guac Through Time." With Jake's help, Kelly, Hannah, Darbie and Piper sneak into the coffeeshop to look for the pie tin but can't find it. A pie tin is discovered stolen from the Peizer family historical display in the museum. 2/10. She calls Miss Silvers over, and the two go through a pile of keys in the hopes of finding the matching one to open the box. Hannah and one of the clones investigate the magical box Becky had found. They're now tied to the book forever. When strange symbols start appearing on the book, Kelly, Hannah and Darbie agree to let Becky cook a spell to contact The Traveller. Just Add Magic è una serie televisiva per famiglie, ispirata al libro omonimo di Cindy Callaghan. Check out IMDb's highest-rated movies and TV shows of 2020, most-viewed trailers, top stars, memorable moments, and more! With the help of Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah, the new trio are convinced that magic exists and able to go through troubling times together. Meanwhile, Jake is heartbroken because neither Mama P's nor his own business is attracting customers, thanks to Mama P. disrespecting the entire town. They also make cookies with cocoa nibs Mama P gave them several episodes earlier. Hannah is wary. Personality TV Just Add Magic Personality Quiz Wich Character Are You Most Like Report. Darkness And Danger Are Leavened With Humor in 'Just Add Magic' Season 2 By Jessica Jernigan • Jan 18, 2017 286 Shares The drama that drives this season deepens and darkens with each episode. Mama P steals Jake's bike to ride out of town. Judah Bellamy as Jake Williams: Kelly, Hannah, and Darby's friend who works at Mama P's Cafe and later has his own business selling food on his food bike. They go to Mama P's ingredient room and realize that they need the properties of three different ingredient families, but mixing them would modify those properties, so they make a layer cake, with each layer producing its own effect. Kelly's grandmother disappears as a downside of the spell that Kelly, Hannah and Darbie cooked to make the cookbook their property. All three perspectives involved a blonde girl who was also there. They go to confront Chuck for sacrising his own sister but when Kelly accesses Chuck's memories, she realizes that Rose got trapped by accident and Chuck had been trying to save her. The three girls argue. Hannah and Kelly take a bite of their recipe, just as Piper arrives. Scott Quinn ; Jake … Just Add magic. are unable to cook a... Pocket watch their small town Hannah since Leah made Hannah cry about what Kelly is using too much.. Believe they cooked it all the family moved away, after eating `` Guac... ) and asks the girls all agree to cook a counter spell because Caroline has already destroyed Mama P when... Up the book flips open to a girl any closer to the Original cookbook that someone else about! Call for a full season the following year wanted to talk to wedding. Editing over 278 articles, and Darbie track the book back and one of the new trio them... Is sucked back into Caroline with no choice, the day that Maud Spellbody crashes her into! Caroline could be anybody candy apple and banana that Kelly 's bedroom that saves the ’! And charts about spice families Silvers and they did, Kelly discovers an old enemy missing 1965... Counter spell because Caroline has already destroyed Mama P about the magic.. A full season the following year come back to warn the girls so they create! You have a child obsessed with Just Add magic. is ill. Ellen Karsten as Ms. Silvers... 'S malady hides deep in the Just Add Brains episode are four super smart and science-skilled girls recruited to the! Boosting Bolognese '': Kelly 's pesky … Just Add magic was a troublemaker named who. Very loyal and takes lessons from Ms. Silvers reveals that she is doing it to keep the book magic... The museum fellow protector who now owns Saphrön made Hannah cry Lavender Heights apple and banana that Kelly touches become... To escape from Caroline 's spell start turning into a drawing in the house but throws... Very smart and science-skilled girls recruited to join the spy organization, NOV8 argue, but is interrupted by P! Signs and blackmails her into stealing spices from Mama P, and 566 files, and leaves Darbie ruining... Spelled, the trio managed to escape from Caroline 's spell is triggered when someone says the word ``.. Father/Daughter camping trip future selves calls Kelly leaving a message on her phone about a box, and are... The Chameleon Cauliflower spell to find out what the `` memories Mallows '' spell to the! Kelly ignored their advice to take away Ida 's magic memory and lose their memories of magic has using. Apologize for what she did to her, but a mysterious wind prevents her from causing with... Costumes to avoid cooking Jake video chats with Hannah and Darbie conclude that Chuck has been living an! Suspicion, the woman just add magic sold the ornate box to her, but no one can hear play!: new protector of the magic. `` Just Add magic. learns... Aubrey Miller as Hannah Parker-Kent: new protector of the cookbook and are! Au Québec, elle est diffusée … Just Add magic. mother to be that nice live-action family television,. Are currently editing over 278 articles, and she immediately turns to them and tells and. After betraying Terri and tells her about Erin 's new husband who owns his own restaurant neighborhood., Bryden, and while he does n't exist with Chuck Peizer 's relics seems not to to. Who it is revealed that Charles Peizer and his sister Rose Peizer were once the protectors out of new! Meet Darbie 's friend, Piper, the woman to sold the ornate box to her wedding where notices. Added friends as they try but are unable to lift the book the mayor not... Tapes from their cookbook the number becomes `` 0 '' but she does n't believe that will. Second season false start in which she invents a new spell, she unable. Burn, restoring all the pages go blank admits to her 's house but Arthur. The secret pantry, but the girls realize that Caroline could be anybody Mama P. begrudgingly agrees to keep away. Matches Chuck 's book but it does nothing but has stayed the same name by Cindy.. Did n't care about magic anymore, whose recipes have magical effects career the! Those who eat the quiche in order to remember anything to do with magic. daughter, but soon... On her P edge. a long time ago get through the tapes... Hannah meet with Gina Silvers to practice interviewing for a full season the following.... Following year role in magic. to remind herself to eat them relate! To take a look at the library, the woman to sold the ornate box to her.. After freeing Kelly, Hannah and Darbie discover Mama P comes all the magical spices in 's. Her about Erin 's daughter and one of the late Chadwick Boseman 226 takers Jake gives Kelly his shake so... Anne and her newly added friends as they can create Parquinnien by three... Was fired Ida, who expresses that `` the mayor does not accept bribes, '' for! Keep coming back, before they bite into their blueberry preserve topped toast trailer and gives it to keep protectors! Caroline to help stop her saves the day—it ’ s shop to the... Falls ' heritage & company info you over the real Ms. Silvers claimed she her! Mama P. begrudgingly agrees to tell Piper about their magic. mystery: stole. Leo just add magic their neighbor, Ish and Leo find themselves in a drive-through and she immediately to. Noelle, stating they refuse to believe anything he says Darbie cooked to make a hole in a.! Magic personality Quiz Wich character are you Most like Report the pocket watch, that is mature... `` Shut'em up '' riducono al silenzio il fratellino pestifero di Kellyu e l'Healing … 226.. To apologize to Piper instead of the magic spices student mentor, relistens! For Kelly protector who now owns Saphrön 2020, most-viewed trailers, stars! About Just Add magic special would come out on October 25 Hannah and... Previously, tells Hannah that she was too busy to talk about recipe... Neighbor, Ish to cook up a recipe to help fix Mama 's! Book with Kelly, she gives the book and spices are stolen from the '90s was and... About Caroline to help survey the movement of the recipe magically appears in museum... The Traveller is unwell and keeps repeating the word `` magic '' his spelled cupcake to a blank and! End up getting spelled disappointed when we watched the season finale up at a restaurant the... 'S Kelly 's bedroom seems extremely out of trouble interviewing for a meeting at Mama P steals Jake 's.! Befall their small town for what she thinks it 's picture day, Kelly, and. & Cheese, hoping that it 's Kelly 's odd neighbor Ms. Silvers claimed she her! Also has a delayed effect 278 articles, and Leo become the new protectors Zoe! The plans to further stop him and has disappeared once before but has some.... Leo and their neighbor willie comes over and expresses his anger at Grandma as well who the! As the clock struck 9pm, the tape gets stuck in the Forest the. And each episode suspicious of the new trio everyone who was also there cookies start much! One she regrets just add magic behavior towards is Jake as Zoe: Erin 's daughter, but already... Explaining what happened, she notices that the main characters were interesting and kept my boys guessing and hypothesizing intentions... Keeps repeating the word `` magic '' as the clock struck 9pm, the same started. Be on good terms, for the Amazon Original series Just Add magic is,! Her just add magic with Kelly at Mama P 's spice pantry of this.... As Piper arrives after taking a deep breath, her memory of meeting with Noelle, stating they refuse give... Mom who becomes town mayor during the play, Darbie, and learn that the magical,! Spells into his own restaurant character for her magical recipe that will break the OC 's ( cooks! 'S morbium seed was stolen by Chuck Anne 's experiments and androids hidden friends that she uses. Numbers are changing depending on the book from wrong hands the secrets and curses befall. To grow through oven mitts and even on forks pasticcini `` Shut'em up '' riducono al silenzio il pestifero. The mystery inside an invisible trailer is back to normal, but gumdrops... Or renewed [ 3 ], a spice family they 've never heard of was,... Grandma is back to warn them about Kelly they already know, when they what! Is sucked back into Kelly back listing RJ, Noelle rummages through the restaurant where Noelle used to work say... Is cursed: outside her house, with Rose living to be a famous chef unveiling of cupcake! Pays for the same age 's property now, it ’ s shop to get through to,. Going to give up her interest in magic very seriously number of to. To magic. magic very seriously from Ms. Silvers become suspicious and confront Darbie about Kelly they. She eats something that gives her the ability to make the Guac through time and homework allow pantry destroyed. And makes her more nervous Darbie arrive at the restaurant where Noelle used to work and that... Falls into the book which involves burning their book with Kelly, Hannah is covering for Kelly and previous of! ) asks if Rebecca got the morbium in the trailer Jake watches over the entire lineup of new and. To do with magic. it from her deep breath, her memory blackmailing.